A Woman’s Brew

A Woman's Brew

A Woman’s Brew is a podcast hosted by Joanne & Tori, two beer loving women whose appreciation of beer is infectious, this has grown to be one of my favourite beery podcasts with what seems like a perfect mix of information, humour and serious discussions.  Whether they are discussing a specific style or theme of beer or welcoming a guest from a top brewery, their relaxed conversational style, coupled with an extensive knowledge of beer means you will be informed and entertained in equal measure.

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Pints and Panels

Pints and Panels

Pints and Panels is the work of Em Sauter, Advanced Cicerone, Beer Educator and award winning cartoonist who has been creating educational beer resources in cartoon form for over ten years. From basic ingredients and beer styles to advanced tasting notes and off...


Pellicle was launched as a website and podcast in 2019 by award winning beer writer & photographer Matthew Curtis and brewer Jonny Hamilton. Over the last few years, it has grown to be one of the UK’s most respected sources on beer, wine and cider. Earlier this...

Love Beer Learning

Joanne is a Beer Educator, Cicerone Certified Beer Server, Podcaster & Homebrewer who runs a beer school to help people improve their knowledge, including courses specifically for women. Her knowledge of all thing’s beer is excellent, and she communicates it with...

Burum Collective

Burum Collective is the brainchild of Helen Anne Smith a bartender, beer professional and occasional chef, and was set up as a community blog and inclusive networking space for the drinks industry. In response to the allegations of discrimination and abuse the Burum...