The Loyalty & Referral schemes operated by Twisted Crow Beer are subject to the terms and conditions below.   These terms are subject to change and whilst every effort will be made to inform customers of any changes it is your responsibility to check the terms at the time of purchase.

Credits are non-transferrable between accounts, however if you wish to set up a joint account with a partner this can be arranged.  Be advised that should a joint account be requested either party will have full authority over the redemption of points, and Twisted Crow will consider a request from one party to redeem points to be the express wish of both parties.  If a joint account is to be split into 2 separate accounts at any time, we will need the consent of both parties to action this, and any accounts in credit at the time of separation will have the credits distributed equally between them.  All credits earned will be totalled at the end of each calendar month and added to customer accounts no later than 7 days into the month following their accrual.


In the unlikely event of the loyalty or referral scheme being discontinued all members will be contacted by the means they have registered with us and any credits on their accounts will be given a time period for redemption.


Loyalty Scheme

The loyalty scheme will operate for all customers who hold an account with us and agree to their transactions being associated with their account.  Financial information such as credit / debit card details will not be stored as part of this process only the value of each transaction to facilitate the calculating of credits.  For every transaction with us a customer will earn £1 of credit for every complete £10 spent in a transaction.  For example on a transaction of £25, £2 will be credited to your account.  Credits cannot be used on the transaction they are accrued on, but credits will be calculated on the transaction value after credit used for any future transactions.  The credits will be associated with a registered account with us for redemption and will be combined with any credits a customer earns from the referral and loyalty scheme.



Referral Scheme.

Any existing customer who holds an account with us can request a referral code to introduce new customers.  This unique code can be shared with as many people as you like.  The code will give any customer you introduce to us 10% off their first purchase (increased to 15% off for all referral purchase made in December 2021).  If the new customer sets up an account with us, you will receive 5% of the value of all of their orders placed with us for 6 months after first use of the referral code in credits that can be redeemed in store or online.  Credits will be calculated monthly and based on a calendar month.  All credits will be allocated to user accounts no later than 1 week into the month following their accrual.  You will continue to receive 5% of any new customers spend with us for a period of 6 months from their first purchase.  The credits can be saved in an account and rolled over from month to month.  The 10% off any new customers order is not able to be used with any other discount, however once their first purchase has been completed and their account set up, they can then request a referral code to be passed to others and begin earning the 5% credit on the subsequent customers spend.

The referral scheme operates by a customer introducing a new customer to us, this can be done by means of a unique code for online purchases or by the new customer identifying a current customer who has recommended them.

Existing customers must have an account with us in order to receive their rewards to be credited.

New customers must agree to setting up a new account with us to allow tracking of their spend and calculation of rewards.

General terms of the information gathered and how it will be treated can be found in our privacy policy on our website or by request at the shop.

By using a referral code you agree to us holding transaction records on a password protected system to allow us to calculate rewards.  Payment information such as credit / debit card data will ­not­ be  stored as part of this process.