UnBarred is born and bred in Brighton & Hove, established in 2014 from the shed of our founder and Head Brewer Jordan to our Brewery in central Brighton. We are Made of Brighton and like to push conventions and create beers that reflect the city we’re made of.
After working for other breweries and moving from the shed to gypsy brewing which enabled us to grow our production, brand and get beer into the hands of more people we found a site in the centre of Brighton.
Since establishing our home in the heart of Brighton in August 2019, we have doubled our production. With a big focus on perfecting our core range and specials that focus on expressing creativity, passion and pushing boundaries.
Our beers are born out of concept ideas and that concept grows into the beer, the label, and the experience.
To celebrate our roots, we work with local businesses, artists, and creatives to show some of the culture & innovation of our hometown.
We are UnBarred. We are Made of Brighton.

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