Quantock Brewery was set up in December 2007 in Wellington Somerset. However it was born out of the love of brewing by our head brewer Rob Rainey. Rob purchased his first home brew kit from Boots but when this didn’t produce the quality of beer he wanted, Rob, a former nuclear engineer, built his own kit from scratch, and the rest is history.

Rob’s philosophy was to brew the highest quality ales using the best natural ingredients. He wanted all the beers to be brewed entirely from the highest quality grain and whole hop cones, the only other ingredients being yeast and water. No chemicals or sugar are added to the beers to ensure flavour is pure. Rob stives to produce quality beers that have flavour and character, far different from the mass-produced beers traditional found in pubs across the UK.

In February 2017, Quantock Ales was invigorated with a massive investment that enabled our team and our new investors to continue brewing our much-loved traditional range of ales whilst also pushing forward to produce new and exciting beers. This coming together of new and old brought about our modern range of craft, hop lead style beers, including our high-in-demand QPA and Titanium.

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