Pomona Island

We are Pomona Island. We have a passion for innovation and style. We wake up each morning and strive each day to create te finest beers on the… Nah, can you imagine if we actually spoke like that? We’re just beer snobs and over-appreciators who thought we would put our (small amount of) money where our (big) mouths are.

The Brewery is Nick and Ryan, who started the Gas Lamp bar in Manchester CIty Centre (where you can always find our beers!), Gaz from Marble Brewery and James from Tempest Brewery.

The beer is all stuff we like to drink. Loads of sessionable new world hoppy pales, more traditional stouts and porters. Big Juicy IPAs, and some fun experimental stuff to keep us and you interested.

We’re based in Salford, just round the corner from Media City and near to Pomona Island. You’ll find loads of our beers all around Manchester and Nationally too.

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