I’m a long-term beer geek and obsessive homebrewer whose passion for Belgian beer led me to fermenting with alternative microbes such as Brettanomyces. After a number of years studying and lecturing in philosophy at Glasgow university, as much as I loved philosophy, I found myself spending more time brewing and reading old brewing textbooks than researching philosophy and decided it was time for a career change. Some of the specific impetus for this came from winning the 2015 UK National Home Brewing Awards (the year after Andy Parker of Elusive Brewing, in fact).

My interest in provenance and sense of place had led me to explore alternative fermentation and wood aging from a Scottish perspective, rather than a Belgian one, despite my earlier interests. That partly manifests in use of local ingredients, the unique contribution the local water supply, the impact of local climate on the aging process but also a serious engagement with the history of brewing in Scotland.
My interest in these things combines with an interest in brewing science and contemporary brewing technique. The aim of Epochal, then, is to combine the best of modern brewing with inspiration drawn from Scotland’s funky brewing traditions to create something complex, elegant, delicious and with a strong sense of place.

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